Faith In The Pivot----- Don't Be Left Behind with the Facebook Changes!

Faith In The Pivot Reveals...

How I Grew My Business Without Dependency On Social Media

(Oh, And I Didn't Have To Become An Influencer, Cold Message Or Nag Friends & Family To Buy From Me

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Systematic Symmetry:

Turn your six-figure chaos into a seven-figure empire with streamlined tech and automations.


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What You'll Learn In This FREE Presentation...


How To Overcome Dependency On Social Media Without Sacrificing Revenue and Relationships


How To Grow Your Lists Without the Burden of Backend Chaos and Disfunction


How To Get Paying Customers Daily Without Spending Countless Hours Away From My Kids, On Zoom Calls Or On My Phone…

**Very Limited Seats Available**

Shelby Ikeda

CEO of Rose Revenue

Social Systems Strategist

She is a proud wife and mother to two wonderful girls. Throughout her journey as a small business founder, she has effectively increased revenue. With 14 years of experience in networking, digital media, and graphic design, she has specialized in operations and management. Additionally, she has worked in the TV and Film Production Industry, contributing to projects such as Star Trek and Transformers 2 in post-production, where she focused on coding and Digital Development.

She is passionate about redefining the role of a CEO in today's modern world, all while managing the responsibilities of motherhood. Her career includes time spent at tech giant Apple, where she focused on implementing systems, providing training, and facilitating growth for small to franchise businesses. She has always believed in making technology not only functional but also enjoyable, and she was among the first women in her industry to embrace automation over 15 years ago. As part of a select group of agencies that pioneered automating communication processes, she prioritizes building genuine relationships and focusing on what truly matters.

Amy Epperson

System and Operations Specialist

Amy has gained extensive experience over 8 years in network marketing and running small businesses. She sharpened her skills in marketing, managing accounts, and selling high-value products, especially during her time in corporate America. During her career, she has overseen an impressive $60 million in sales, demonstrating her ability to boost revenue and improve systems.

Outside of work, Amy is a devoted mother to eight children and plays an active role in their homeschooling. Her strong family values are deeply influenced by her faith in Jesus Christ. Amy treasures the idea of having time freedom, believing it's essential for a well-rounded and satisfying life.

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